The Dragonfly: Elegance in Flight

November 22, 2010 at 3:01 PM (crafts, dragonfly, paper sculpture, recycled) (, , , , , )

So I became intrigued with the cardboard tube stars/flowers/snowflakes I saw posted all over the web and tried to do some of my own.  These are some samples:



Star, Flower and/or Snowflake made with cardboard tube




The two larger ones are wrapped with fabric scraps I had left over, then covered with a semi-sheer fabric, and I coated the edges with glitter.  The white one is just painted silver around the outside and then I glued on some white lacy trim.

I kept thinking there must be other things I can make with this stuff, then – lo and behold! – as I was playing around with them, a dragonfly took shape.   But I didn’t want to cover the wings with fabric,  so I tried using the coiled foil designs I had used for the lotus sculpture.  These are a few of the results:



Cardboard and Foil Dragonfly Ornament


Asian motif red fabric and Gold mesh Dragonfly
















The one on the left is cardboard tube frame with cardboard backing;  the fill for the wings and body is quilled foil paper strips, and the outside is foil wrapping paper.   The red dragonfly is ribbon-wrapped cardboard with kanzashi-folded red Asian motif and gold mesh fabrics; edges trimmed with gold cording.  On the back I used the same red fabric, but just glued it onto the frame and cut to shape.



Back of Red Fabric Dragonfly




Well, gotta get back to work.  I’m trying to finish a rush order, but needed a short break.  More next time.  Let me know if you like these.  And Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



  1. Appu said,

    i love these cardboard ornaments….i had come across this on some site…dont remember though….lovely work. how did you get the petals covered??

    • ibumary said,

      Hi, aparna and thank you. After I put the petal forms together, I applied glue to the edges (one side at a time) and applied a single piece of fabric to the whole piece, weighted it down and let it dry. Then I used a small scissors to cut the excess fabric from around the edges. I didn’t cut out the center since that helps provide stability to the flower.

  2. Carleton Place Public Library said,

    How beautiful!! I’ve never seen these before, but I’m going to give them a whirl! Thanks for posting your beautiful examples!

    • ibumary said,

      Thank you. If you do, please post it and let me know.

  3. Vanille said,

    Those dragonflies are really cute !
    Happy Thanksgiving !
    And thank you for stopping by my blog.

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