The Forest or the Trees?

December 14, 2010 at 6:00 PM (Christmas, trees) (, )

Yesterday, a young couple came into the shop and wanted to “borrow” one of our Bali trees to decorate for a Christmas Eve party they are hosting.  Kind of a strange request, but then again, we are in Bali – where Everyday is an Adventure. Well, to make a long story short,  we worked out a deal so that they can rent the tree, lights and decorations for the evening — go figure!  They’re regular visitors to the island, have no storage access and want their party to be, well – Christmas-y.  So for those of you who haven’t seen our Bali Tree, here’s a photo:

2010Model 2mtr Bali Tree

Undecorated 2 meter Bali Tree

Anyway, so I thought it would be a good idea to post all the different trees we have in the shop now.  All are handmade by Nik or myself, and the Bali Trees are my design but are handcrafted by a local bamboo master craftsman.  Please enjoy browsing through them, and feel free to comment.

Handcrafted bamboo & alang-alang Mini-Trees

Bali Mini-trees are handcrafted from bamboo & alang-alang

Made from foil-lined paper used in packaging

Pine Cone Tree on scrap piece of solid wood base

Quilt Tree of a different color

Luxe Fabric "Quilt" Tree

Modern & Sleek Silver Fabric Tree

"Quilted" Felt and Crochet-covered Trees













Anyway, so these are some of the trees we’ve done over the past year and a half.

Pine cone Tree: I made this by breaking some pine cones (cleaned, of course) and gluing them onto the gold painted styrofoam cone core, then I sprayed some gold on the pinecones to give a bit of a burnished look to it.  Using a piece of scrap wood for the base, stained it and painted the edges gold then glued the tree onto it.  I put a piece of felt on the bottom to protect whatever piece of furniture it might be set on.

Foil Floret Tree: This one was kind of a dual inspiration — Nik was making these cute little florets by rolling and squishing the foil-lined paper we got hold of somewhere.  I had been making the pinecone tree above, and when I saw the flowers, thought I’d try it out.  So this is what we came up with.  What do you think?   The red faux pearl accents really stand out.  Then I put it on one of our decorated scrap wood bases, glued some felt to the bottom and — voila!

Luxe “Quilt” Trees: These, of course, most people will recognize as a variation on the ever-popular “quilted” ball or egg ornaments, as seen on The Ornament Girl’s blog Her ornaments are beautiful and inspiring.  There’s also a great tutorial for the basic ball over at Crafter Without a Cat’s site .  These and other sites were my inspiration.

Modern & Sleek Silver Fabric Tree: This just basically started as an experiment.  I had this metallic thread silver fabric and a cone in hand, so I started wrapping and gluing the two together.   It needed a bit of pop, so I added the red velvet ribbon stripes and a red faux pearl on top.  Again, the base is a piece of scrap wood, painted silver and trimmed with some silver-infused lace edging and the red velvet ribbon.  Red felt is glued to the bottom.

“Quilted” Felt and Crochet-cover Trees: The crochet tree is from a pattern I had on hand (now lost), made to fit a red felt-covered styrofoam cone.  Attached to scrap wood base which I stained mahogany.  The quilted felt trees are just my variation of the fabric quilted trees.  I wanted to change them up to add a bit of interest — plus, the felt gets pretty thick with all that folding, so less is more in this case.  The one on the right actually looks okay up close and personal, but for some reason seems at an odd angle in this photo.

Okay, so those are the trees in our little forest.  I’m working on one now that’s actually a type of sea plant? animal? something.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it posted here some day.



  1. Appu said,

    the trees are adorable….i love the bali trees….i will definitely pick up one when i visit bali……

    • ibumary said,

      Great! If you think about it, let me know when you plan to visit. Thanks.

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