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December 16, 2010 at 6:15 PM (crafts, recycled) (, , , )


Our Handwoven Gift Boxes Made from Old Newspapers

I want to show you my new gift box.  It’s eco-friendly (made from old newspapers) and it’s handwoven.  We have these sitting under the tree(s) in the shop and they are getting plenty of attention from everyone who comes in to browse around.  They sell so quickly, we just had to hire a couple of school kids to fold a supply of  strips for us so we can just keep making them.

Okay, we’ve all seen the handwoven baskets make from old newspapers — matter of fact, that’s what got me started on this tack.  I ran across Jeffrey Rudell’s basket tutorial last year and made a few of those (much smaller versions – like tabletop catch-alls).  But I have this shop and sell handmade ornaments.  So I thought maybe I could make custom size gift boxes for them.  So, after experimenting a bit, these are what I came up with.  Of course, I also had to check them out with different colors.  They’re cute as is, but look fabulous with some ribbon and a fabric flower or other embellishment.


Testing..testing...Holiday splash on the outside - but still newspaper on the inside

What do you think?  Better with..or without?   I also tried some with a wood stain finish…(pardon the poor quality photo)

A more masculine gift box, finished in wood stain

I’d love to get some feedback on these little boxes.



  1. Appu said,


    i tried making those newspaper baskets and thought i would share the link with you…lemme know what you think.

    Btw, wish you a very happy new year.


    • ibumary said,

      Thanks, Appu. Your basket looks great! Nice print design and very cute embellishments. Thanks for posting it. And a very happy new year to you.

  2. uglylemonerd said,

    Those are awesome! I was at a store the other day and seen an ottoman that looked similar to this. My girlie and I might have to look into these further!

    • ibumary said,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I’ve seen some of the woven paper furniture. This technique definitely has lots of potential uses…The weaving makes for a sturdy structure, but we’ve found that as the item gets bigger, the folded(or rolled) weaving strips need to get thicker and/or wider.

  3. QueenHoneyB said,

    Thanks for stopping by my quilling blog 🙂 What CUTE boxes!! I like the look of the painted ones best, but the newspaper look is cute too!

  4. Appu said,

    lovely boxes….i am going to try them out…..
    i have a suggestion though….you can try sticking sequins,beads to give it the festive look….and try experimenting with ribbons…….

    • ibumary said,

      Thanks again, aparna. I didn’t post any photos of our embellished boxes – mainly because they sold quicker than I could click the camera. We did use some great little carved wood and dried lontar leaf flowers (I live in Bali and these are readily available), also some little fabric flowers and ribbons. I must say, they looked exquisite. Please post a link here if you get a chance to do some boxes. I’d love to see them.

  5. kiotta said,

    What a great idea! and what a beautiful blog! I think I’ll come back soon 🙂
    By the way, thank you for your comment.

    Hugs by Kiotta

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