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January in the Garden - Serene and Relaxing

No posts in the last 10 days…so now I’m just checking in for  a quick update.  I have actually been taking a break from crafting, but have been applying creative energies elsewhere.

Baking.  I love to bake and the challenge here is to be able to incorporate and substitute more local products for the expensive imported foods and staples I’d grown accustomed to before moving to Bali.  A good bit of my youth was spent in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and I absolutely love wet-bottom shoo-fly pie, big ole’ soft pretzels, and sinfully gooey sticky buns (among so many other things, of course). None of which are available, or even known, here.

Well, a few months ago, I decided to just do it.  I made my own soft pretzels (Amish recipe).  They were excellent but must be eaten very soon after baking (because the tropical humidity will quickly morph your crispy crust into a molten mush).  The other option is to make the pretzels and then freeze the raw or half-baked dough until you’re ready to eat them.

Anyway, last week I really, really craved some good, old-fashion sticky buns. (Mind you, I brought all these recipes with me for just such an occasion).  I had to use gula merah (lit.: red sugar) which is palm sugar made locally, as a substitute for the typical brown sugar…a slightly different taste, and somewhat more moisture-laden in this humidity.  Oh, and of course the Indonesian archipelago is the home of the legendary Spice Islands, so the cinnamon and nutmeg are incredibly fresh and vibrant flavors.  Okay, do I need to tell you that these sticky buns were probably the most sinfully decadent buns I’ve ever, ever tasted!  Hubby and I were practically ready to eat the whole batch in one sitting.  Omg! Purely and simply addictive — it’ll be a while before I make those again, unless I make them for a crowd…just can’t chance having them sitting there waiting to inhaled.

Enough about food, I guess.  It’s just that all those little things you can just go out and buy at home can be so hard to come by when you’re in a different world.  We have learned to appreciate all those things we so took for granted in our previous life.

Another diversion I’ve been working on is redesigning our website (B2B wholesale and export handicrafts).  I am not a “tekkie”, so I got the original site up and running as best I could back in August.  But recently I discovered some newly-available options and tools offered by the host site, so I jumped back in and (hopefully) was able to make some changes for the better.  Not finished yet – never finished – but quite functional and a whole lot nicer-looking, I think.

And…there is the semi-annual spring cleaning which I just don’t even want to talk about – yet!  It’s a work in progress (slow progress) and I manage to find all sorts of little tasks to avoid it.  But it must be done, and be done it will — eventually.  In the meantime, I’m going to retreat for a brief respite to my pool and garden to catch a little r&r.  Later.

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