Sea Fan Vingnette

April 2, 2011 at 4:22 PM (crafting) (, , , )

Quite a while back,  I bought a sea fan (gorgonia) just because I found it absolutely fascinating – and I knew I could do something with it.  As you may know, these things actually have a little “rootball” at the base, so I kept trying to figure out how I could adhere it to – whatever, and still keep a bit of the root exposed.  Well, I finally decided to just do it.  I chose silver, light blue & white as the color scheme, and added a touch of gold highlights.

Undersea Trove vignette

I had an old (clean) styrofoam produce tray on hand, so after I painted it, I filled in the bottom with a bit of a glue/sand/pebble mix and secured the root of the sea fan into it.  I let that dry/cure for 2 days (so humid here in Bali!), then decided on an arrangement of seashells, some broken pieces of coral, and a little capiz shell sea turtle I had in my stash, and glued all that around the base.   It looked like a natural undersea treasure trove but unfinished, so I draped a garland of mini-shells through the fan branches and spilling over the sides of the container.  Then I sprayed on a little more silver & gold highlights.   Voila!  I think it turned out quite nicely and I’ll definitely be working more with these gorgonia in the future.   I’d appreciate your comments on this piece.


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Flowers and Foam

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Craziness!  Where does the time go?  Last time I posted here was like 6 or 7 weeks ago — guess I’ve been pretty busy.  And the only real thing I have to show for all that time is the paperwork and communications related to the order we’re shipping out tomorrow.  Oh well!

One thing I did manage to get done during that time was to get a couple of  (better) photos for some of the crafts I’ve talked about in previous posts.  Yep.  Really loving these little carved snowman styrofoam sculptures.  We had them around our display of mini Bali trees during Christmas season.

I’ve talked about my friend, Nik, in previous posts, but for new readers – she is my friend and Creative Assistant.  Her family is from the village of Mas here in Bali, known for its skilled woodcarvers.   Nik is no exception – but she carves anything.  She made these in two days.  I finished them up with the paint, glitter and ribbons.  Love that girl!


Snowman vignettes hand-carved from styrofoam

Here’s another example of her styrofoam carving – the lotus flower base of our zen sculpture .  The meditating figure is made from cardboard tube and quilled/ filigreed foil paper.  That base (including the lotus blossoms) is a single piece of styrofoam, the bottom is covered with felt


Lotus Pond Meditation


We’ve done a few other models of both the snowmen and the zen sculpture with different bases.  Someday I’ll try to get some photos of those posted.   In the meantime, let me know what you think about these.   Have you ever tried carving styrofoam?  If so, feel free to post the link.



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